We updated our escape rooms!

The time has come to create new experiences for the little ones. If you have a group of maximum 12 children between 6 and 12 years old, we are preparing something great for them! New adventures, with improved decorations and new tests.

How will we do it in theescapesalon.com?

A good escape room consists of a few key components.

First of all, you need a good story so that the puzzle has some context and depth.

Players need a goal to work towards and, of course, an escape room would not be an unobstructed escape room such as puzzles, enclosed spaces or objects that players have to "unlock".

Adding a ticking clock or countdown timer will also add suspense, or you could even set up a playlist with mysterious music.

If you've ever been in an escape room, they usually tend to follow a plot with a clear theme.

Whether it's solving the mysterious circumstances surrounding the death of a fictional drug dealer or trying to find the way out of a war bunker, good escape rooms usually tend to have solid narratives.

The best way to start setting up an escape room is by creating your own story.

Once you have one, it will be much easier to come up with fun, immersive, and creative puzzles so that your family or roommates are more easily absorbed by the game.

What would an unobstructed escape room be?

You could lock a room in your house and hide "keys" or clues in a suitcase with a combination lock, or you could create a secure document on a USB stick.

These are all everyday household objects that people probably won't immediately realize are part of the escape room, so you could create a symbol to accompany your story.

"You can stick the logo on your suitcase or USB stick so your family or housemates know it's part of the game."

You can even hide these objects.

"If your family finds a USB stick in a certain place based on clues, they'll be able to more easily deduce that it's part of the game."