Star Wars Virtual Reality Experience

Who would not like to feel part of the Star Wars universe? In this virtual reality adventure specially designed for fans of the saga, you can live a unique experience. In this case, it is a “simple” complexity adventure, ideal for those new to the world of escape rooms and virtual reality. In addition, it is a trilogy, so that each component of the group will be able to experience a different part of it and they will all share a common goal. The plot of the story is very good, we leave you below a brushstroke:

The story of Vader Immortal is quite simple and exciting.You are the captain of a small ship whose ancestry attracts the attention of Darth Vader, conveniently located in a castle on the volcanic planet Mustafar.Vader needs your help until he stops, so you’ll get some Jedi/Sith time and training from the dark lord before you’re forced to confront him.

Because this is a Star Wars experience, you’ll interact with a droid, humanoid aliens, stormtroopers, and a few different environments with all the dust, rusty metal, and sparks one might have expected.The graphics and audio are spectacular!!!

So now you know, you and your team have the opportunity to be the hero in an adventure that lives within the same world of history as Return of the Jedi or The Phantom Menace.Do you dare with adventure? Click here to check availability of Star Wars virtual reality in Barcelona and Terrassa.