In this article we will talk about the main points to keep in mind when choosing an escape for large groups in Barcelona

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The first thing to keep in mind is to see if the escape room we are looking for really adapts to what we need. In our case, we are dedicated exclusively to making adventures for children from 6 to 12 years old, in which the design, the adventure, the difficulty of the tests and the setting is thought of them.

In addition, they always have the help of a monitor who will guide and encourage them during the adventure. This figure is very important, since the concentration of children is not the same as that of an adult, so if they stay stranded in an area it is possible that they are easily distracted. In this way we manage to keep them always enjoying the event.

Finally, in the face of the design of the tests we have omitted certain parameters that are common in an escape room, for example the fact of having to perform mathematical calculations.

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The design of most escape rooms has areas where it is not possible to continue solving the exhaust until some part of it is opened, or resolved in some way. This means that, in the case of few participants, the fun remains intact. But what if there is only something to solve and it is always solved by the same person? Therefore, in our escapes, it is important that there are always different elements to solve at the same time, and of different complexities. In this way, apart from getting everyone to participate, they begin to understand the importance of work, in which we are all important.

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When many attendees participate in an escape room, there are always different types of profiles, just like at school.

On the one hand there are those participants who are more focused, who are very attentive to all the instructions and who quickly begin to solve the adventure without problems.

But what about the rest? In our escape room for children we include tests of all kinds, so that the complexity is very diverse and nobody feels discriminated against. The ultimate goal is to get everyone involved!

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In the area of Vallés Occidental there are different types of escape offers, mainly in the large towns of the same, Sabadell and Terrassa. Our Terrassa rooms include two escape rooms for groups of children designed especially for them.

In the first, you can live an adventure set in Mexico! In our Mexican room something has happened with a very special Mariachi. Our second escape room is in the seafaring room, which includes a larger technological component, and we have to solve a problem related to the artificial intelligence of our facilities.

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In most escape rooms the number of participants is between 2 and 6 people. That is something usual since the different rooms through which the adventure passes are sometimes small in size. To avoid that we have a lot of space! In our escape room the minimum size of the area is 100 square meters, thus avoiding the burden and also allowing the number of participants to be up to 12 children, although it is recommended that the group is 8 people, as a guideline.