What is an escape room

Choose your team

Each escape room can hold a maximum of 9 to 15 people, although they are designed to be able to get hold of a minimum of 2 participants.

Being escape rooms designed for children it is necessary that they enter with minimum an adult to help them.

Buy tickets

Tickets must be purchased by contacting 640.23.52.41 by phone.
Reservations are not made less than two hours in advance. Reservations are not made without an appointment.
If you would like to book for a teamwork event, please write to us in advance at: inf

Solve the escape room

Please note that the escape room must be reached 15 minutes in advance. If you arrive late the time of the adventure will be reduced, being impossible to enter if you are more than 20 minutes late.

We will proceed to explain the rules and provide you with what is necessary for you to solve the adventure. Remember that you have an hour to escape, if you do not escape within an hour, we will enter and explain the remaining mysteries.